KAYDA is thrilled to announce the release of ‘LOVE FOR NO REASON’, her heartfelt debut album produced largely by Indonesia’s rising star, EMIR HERMONO, Malaysia’s BEM & PUFFIETOP.  
The six-track hiphop/r&b album explores KAYDA’s personal and arduous journey through love, from heartbreak to hope, giving us a peek into her personal stories and insights. Crafted with raw emotions that are expressed through KAYDA’s hard-hitting rap style, the album invites listeners into a deeper conversation about our reasons to love.  
Although a permanent resident of Malaysia’s hiphop music scene, ‘#LOVEFORNOREASON’ heralds the official beginning of KAYDA’s solo rap stint, preceding a long list of renowned underground releases.  
The album is led by its first single released online (Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal) on January 12, 2018 entitled “CALL ON ME”, featuring Malaysian jazz legend, SHEILA MAJID.  
With five more tracks awaiting listeners on ‘LOVE FOR NO REASON’, we are confident you will find reason to love this freshman release by Malaysia’s very own #KAYDA.